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Mgarr Harbour

View Gozo

by Angelo Degiorgio  

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Munxar Parish

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    This site displays many photographs, pertaining to Gozo (Ghawdex). A little information is included in some pictures. The main themes as in View Malta are churches, wayside chapels, statues and niches, coastal towers and fortifications, cemeteries, historic buildings and temples, windmills and houses with special facades, beaches and scenery. Anything that comes in front of my camera that merits a shot.

    Gozo is smaller than Malta and should never be missed when one visits Malta. One purpose of this photographic display is to raise more awareness and appreciation of our historic and cultural buildings that can be found even in Gozo.  Some of these buildings are again unfortunately still neglected or unappreciated.  

    Please send in an e-mail to report broken links, spelling mistakes or misinformation on any picture. Any comment or information about any photograph is welcome. Additional photographs are also welcome. This page is being continually updated.

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Fontana Rabat
Ghajnsielem San Lawrenz
Gharb Sannat
Kercem Xewkija
Munxar Xaghra
Nadur Zebbug


    This is not a photographic exhibition.  Most photographs are of good quality but some photographs might be replaced in the future if better ones are in my possession. To reduce the size (in kilobytes),  the photographs were compressed, consequently the quality of the image had to be somewhat sacrificed. 

    Some of these historic buildings are private property.  The photographs show what can be seen by anyone in the street, consequently it is being perceived that no privacy of any kind has been violated.  However, if any owner of these buildings objects to the photograph on the Internet please send me an e-mail and I will remove without question. 

    The Maltese font was not used for the simple reason that Maltese fonts are not installed in computers outside Malta and text would not be displayed properly.  The author of this web page takes no responsibility for any mistakes. Use this site at your own risk.

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